Exclusive interview with Dellon employees | Li Chao: Persistence in doing difficult but right things

At Dellon Technology, there is a group of lovely people who are dedicated to their jobs, diligent and pragmatic, and pursue excellence. They work conscientiously in their respective positions, write the story of the struggle of Dellon people with high requirements and high standards. In the last interview, we interviewed outstanding employees on the front line of R&D. I wonder if their stories have touched everyone? In this issue, we continue to walk with role models, listen to their voices, and understand their stories of struggle!

In today's business environment, product quality has become a key factor for the survival and development of enterprises. A high-quality product can not only attract more customers, but also win a good reputation for the company and lay a solid foundation for sustainable development. 

"Quality wins the market" is not only the development policy of Dellon Technology, but also the mission of all employees of the technology department.

In the technology department, Li Chao is mainly responsible for the circuit design of conventional industrial videoscope products such as the Dellon G series, responding to the circuit design needs of the products, thereby improving the performance of the equipment and ensuring stable operation for users in on-site use.


It sounds easy, but it's hard to do. At that time, due to the first-mover advantages and technical barriers held by imported brands, industrial videoscopes had deficiencies in technology research and development, quality control and marketing. Our country's industrial videoscope market has always been dominated by imported brands, and domestic products have a low market share. To break this status quo, we need to increase investment in technology research and development and quality control. Therefore, the biggest issue facing Li Chao is to ensure the stability of the product and the reliability of the equipment.

In the early stages of development, the workload is often overwhelming. It takes repeated experiments to select better original components and better design parameters to meet circuit requirements. "Failure? There have been too many failures, but it is precisely because of failure that the current Dellon G series industrial videoscopes have been made. Every time we fail, we will hold a meeting to discuss the reasons and make equipment improvements. In terms of quality control, we use high-quality components devices, improve the design redundancy of the equipment, and strictly control it according to the design parameters. After many failures, we finally successfully designed a circuit solution that met the product requirements."


Nowadays, Dellon G series industrial videoscope is a new non-destructive detection instrument that integrates optics, electronic technology, precision machinery and microscopic camera technology. It has high reliability and high stability detection capabilities. The 5-inch high-definition touch screen and more user-friendly touch interactive menu provide smooth, real, clear and stable dynamic/static detection images; the high-sensitivity large-target image processor greatly improves the observation brightness and color of the product, bringing an extremely delicate picture quality.

“In the past 9 years in Dellon, what I am most proud of is the current research and development work.” Speaking of work, Li Chao’s eyes flashed with confidence, “People often see that a product or technology, even after 5 years or 10 years later, it is still being used, even more deeply and widely. As the people behind the scenes, our sense of superiority cannot be expressed in words."

He works step by step, based on his position, and adheres to the quality policy of "win the market with quality, build the brand with integrity" in the technical department. He uses standards to control the quality of raw materials, product processes and finished products to prevent defective products from flowing into customers and save the company from customer complaints cost.

If product quality is the lifeline of an enterprise, then front-line production and R&D personnel are the guarantee for the continuous extension of the lifeline. Behind Dellon's 18 years of development lies the long-term dedication and efforts of every Dellon person. They fulfill their duties in their ordinary positions and silently contribute their light and heat. With every bit of seriousness and effort every day, they stick to the quality of Dellon Technology.

After that, Dellon Technology will continue to invite many new and old colleagues to tell everyone their different and exciting Dellon stories, so stay tuned.

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