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Established in 2006, Dellon is a provider of non-destructive detection products and on-site solutions that integrates research and development, production, sales, leasing, and on-site technical services. The company's core technology includes new non-destructive testing technology and application technology for testing robots, providing customers with intelligent measurement and inspection products and testing technology services. The company's products are widely applied in various fields such as special inspection electricity, chemical metallurgy, aviation, construction, transportation bridges and tunnels, gas and thermal power networks.

Dellon company has always adhered to independent innovation, established an exclusive research and development center, and maintains continuous research and development investment in new products every year. The company's research and development closely follows the forefront of international industrial testing technology, and has applied for and obtained over 100 core technology patents in technologies such as visual imaging, acoustic array, ultrasonic, eddy current, and non-destructive testing robot devices. Dellon has also established a research and development team led by more than ten doctoral professors from university research institutes and more than 40 outstanding engineering and technical personnel.

Dellon products such as pulse eddy current detectors, 3D measuring videoscopes, and magnetic crawling corrosion thickness robots have successfully broken foreign technological monopolies and become a leading technology enterprise in the industry; Dellon company's 3D measuring videoscopes, acoustic imaging camera have been installed and utilized ; Dellon company has participated in multiple national and provincial level scientific research and engineering projects, and participated in the compilation of more than 10 national and industry standards.

Dellon has standardized production workshops, technical and metrological testing centers, and professional dust-free rooms. We have established a comprehensive production management system, quality control system, etc. to ensure the process and standardization of production, and to ensure the reliability and stability of product quality. With years of accumulated experience and product resources, the company can provide special customized development. In the process of achieving customized customer needs, a customized service team with exquisite design and development capabilities has been established, which can quickly provide OEM and ODM industrial product solutions.

Dellon company's R&D and production headquarters are located in Zhengzhou, with over 150 employees. There are regional offices in China, including Beijing , Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, etc; There are 3 after-sales service agencies in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific overseas; Our business covers global markets such as Western Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Dellon company always adheres to the concept of "user first, active innovation" and is committed to becoming an domestic first-class provider of industrial non-destructive testing products and on-site service experts.

  • 16 YEAR

    Industrial testing experience

  • 100 NAPE

    Core technology patents

  • 40 NUMBER

    Outstanding R&D personnel

  • 6000 +

    Serving customers

Development History
  • 2022

    New products such as G5 industrial videoscope, SOCAM2000 acoustic imaging camera and so on were released.

  • 2021

    Dellon was rated as an excellent incubating enterprise in Henan National University Science and Technology Park (East District).

  • 2019

    Dellon was rated as the 2018 Excellent Intellectual Property Enterprise.

  • 2018

    Dellon was approved as a non-destructive testing equipment engineering technology research center.

  • 2017

    New product DPEC-17 pulsed eddy current detector and 3D measuring videoscope series were launched.

  • 2016

    Dellon passed the ISO9001 quality management system and obtained the high-tech enterprise certificate in December of the same year.

  • 2015

    We launched the new product SE-40 pipe inspection camera series.

  • 2014

    Our company settled in Henan University Science and Technology Park.

  • 2013

    We registered and established Zhengzhou Runde Dellonscope Co., Ltd.

  • 2011

    The Nanjing Office of Dellon company was established.

  • 2009

    The first generation of VT series videoscope were shown in the quality control exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany.

  • 2008

    Shenzhen R&D center and Shenzhen office were set up. In the same year, we developed the first domestic gas storage well video detection system, industrial pipeline crawler DNC100, pipeline periscope and pipeline videoscope.

  • 2007

    Sales company was established in Beijing.

  • 2006

    Production company was set up, and Dellon manufactured the company's first DN series electronic videoscope and T series videoscopes.

  • 2002

    We registered Dellon brand, and acted as an agent for the sales of RIDGID/WOEHLER/WIWA brand videoscopes in mainland China.

Corporate Culture
  • Vision
    Focusing on new non destructive techniques
  • Mission
    Defect and leakage and corrosion detection, revealing safety hazards
  • Values
    Craftsman spirit makes high-quality products
Company Advantages
  • A comprehensive service system

    Relying on the company's global service network and resources, there are remote service, on-site service, maintenance center and other teams

  • Continuous technological innovation

    Strong R & D team maintain investment in new product technology research and development every year

  • Exclusive production base

    Have standardized production workshop + customized development services

  • Professional solutions

    Provide one-on-one comprehensive solutions for product usage scenarios

  • Complete accessory library

    Original accessories, sufficient inventory to ensure the supply of core components

Established in 2006, Dellon is a provider of non-destructive detection products and on-site solutions that integrates research and development, production, sales, leasing, and on-site technical services...
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