Borescope application areas

The borescope is a very important measuring instrument and is widely used in many fields such as aerospace and precision instruments.

1.Aerospace field

Borescopes can be used for aerospace engine inspections, such as to see if there is damage to the interior of an aircraft engine.

2.Ship field

Borescopes can also be used in the field of ships, such as safety inspection to measure whether the seam welding points of ships are damaged, which can ensure the stability and safety of the ship hull.

3.Large pipeline field

Borescopes can also be used on large pipelines to check for cracks and measure damaged areas.

In short, borescopes are widely used in the military industry and can help us better protect the country's security and development. As long as we continue to explore its potential value, it will bring more surprises and changes to the military industry and national defense construction.


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