Introduction to high temperature thickness gauge

High temperature thickness gauges are widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and other fields. However, when applying high-temperature thickness gauges, accuracy is often one of the issues that users are most concerned about.

Temperature has the most significant impact on the accuracy of high-temperature thickness gauges. Due to the high temperature of the thickness of metal plates and pipes under high temperature conditions, the DEU100 electromagnetic thickness gauge came into being. It is equipped with an 800°C high-temperature probe, a normal temperature permanent magnet probe and a normal temperature pulse probe; the standard thickness measurement range is 1mm-200mm; thickness measurement accuracy value is 0.04mm; probe lift-off degree: 6mm for permanent magnet probe at normal temperature; effectively suitable for multi-environment detection to avoid errors during detection.

In addition to temperature and probe factors, users of high-temperature thickness gauges should also pay attention to the use of signal amplifiers. The quality of the signal amplifier has a great impact on the accuracy of the measurement results. Since there are various interference factors in the signal transmission process, such as electromagnetic interference, power supply noise, etc., therefore, choosing a high-quality signal amplifier can effectively reduce the impact of interference factors on the measurement results and improve the accuracy and reliability of the measurement.

In addition, when using high-temperature thickness gauges, attention should also be paid to reducing the sources of errors. For example, perform multiple measurements at the same measurement location to find the average of the measurement results and reduce random errors. At the same time, the DEU100 electromagnetic ultrasonic thickness gauge does not require surface polishing or coupling agent during testing, which greatly improves the testing efficiency.


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