What is a high temperature thickness gauge?

The high temperature thickness gauge is a modern instrument used to measure the thickness of metal surfaces. It is mainly used to monitor corrosion, wall thickness, and wear conditions on the surface of metal materials under various high temperatures. It is high temperature resistant, accurate, reliable, and easy to operate. It is widely used in various metallurgy, chemical, aviation and other industries.

The measurement principle of the electromagnetic ultrasonic high-temperature thickness gauge is to use ultrasonic waves to enter the interior of the object through the surface of the object to be measured, return to the instrument after multiple reflections, and then analyze the reflection time and intensity of the ultrasonic waves to determine the thickness of the metal surface. This instrument can accurately measure the surface thickness of metal materials without affecting the surface quality. It is widely used in the monitoring and measurement of metal pipes, storage tanks, boilers and other equipment under high temperatures.

Non-contact electromagnetic ultrasonic thickness gauge can be used to measure the thickness of various metal plates and pipes. There is no need to polish the surface or use couplant. The instrument has a variety of measurement modes and can be measured according to different needs. For example, it can measure the metal surface thickness at a single point through single-point measurement mode; it can also comprehensively monitor the thickness of the entire surface area through scanning measurement mode. In addition, the instrument also has data storage and display functions, saving measurement data inside the instrument and displaying measurement results in real time. Users can export data to the computer through the USB interface provided by the instrument for subsequent data analysis and processing.

The use of high temperature thickness gauge is very simple. First, aim the probe at the surface area of the metal material to be measured, adjust the parameters of the instrument, such as scanning mode, etc., and the measurement results will be displayed in real time on the instrument screen. During operation, users need to pay attention to keeping the contact between the instrument and the metal material being measured stable and avoiding the influence of interference sources to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measurement results.

In short, the high temperature thickness gauge is a very important measuring equipment. It plays an important role in the production control process of ironmaking, steelmaking, chemical industry, aviation and other industries. Through scientific and technical means, it achieves accurate measurement of metal surface thickness at high temperatures, helping enterprises to carry out safe production and process improvement. Although it is expensive, the important role it plays in the production process makes its value far exceed the price.


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