DVS700B1 Gun Bore Intelligent Inspection System

Product Features:

High precision: dynamic video pixels up to 12 million, circumferential tilt accuracy ±1°, distance positioning accuracy ±3%, (defect) size measurement accuracy ±5% for type A and ±0.1mm for type B.

HD imaging parallel synchronous processing: can achieve simultaneous HD video imaging, video recording, unfolding and other functions in up to 3m/min travel, greatly improving work efficiency.

The use of special optical processing of high-speed panoramic camera, with multi-angle adjustable light source, to ensure that the whole circumference of the line in a one-time fast and clear imaging, improve the efficiency of detection and completely eliminate the multi-lens or rotating lens leak detection and perspective blind areas.

The professionally designed "centering support mechanism" ensures the stability of travel and image, and enables clear observation of all parts of the tube chamber.

Real-time unfolding and post-stitching to 2D cutaway, with superimposed length scale and circumferential angle scale functions.


This system is a macroscopic inspection equipment applicable to the inner surface of the pipeline designed with advanced technology based on the latest image processing research results. Aiming at the current situation of pipeline inspection, it fully takes into account the actual needs of field operation environment and usage conditions, and integrates functions such as high-speed HD video, intelligent motion positioning, defect measurement and editing, image unfolding and splicing. The equipment has the characteristics of strong anti-interference, high precision, high repeatability, good effectiveness and convenient operation, and its outstanding characteristics of "functional integration, easy operation and remote operation" make the accuracy and efficiency of macroscopic inspection of the internal surface greatly improved. At present, it has received practical praise from many units, such as: Weapons Research Institute, Weapons Testing Center, Artillery Manufacturing (such as North Heavy Industries Group), etc.


Functional features

lWith axial distance and circumferential inclination positioning function, it is convenient to repeat observation of suspicious areas.

lWith (defect) size measurement function, it can measure information such as length, width, area, and (type B only) height and depth of the marked area.

lWith real-time local zoom in, zoom out, mark and note text (multiple colors, multiple font sizes) and other functions, easy to observe details and record defects.

lWith (crackle enhancement) grayscale negative, contrast adjustment, brightness adjustment, tone curve adjustment, monochrome channel separation, angle rotation and other viewing enhancement functions.

lPortable cable holder, with detachable, high brightness (visible in the sun), high-definition large-screen industrial control panel, fully considered the field operating environment and use conditions.

lThe integrated probe mechanism is characterized by strong anti-interference capability and high moisture, dust and shock resistance.

lThe host has a built-in quad-core processor, which can acquire image data, axial travel distance and circumferential tilt attitude data at the same time, which can ensure real-time acquisition of high-definition panoramic images, fast and seamless unfolding and post-splicing into 2D profile maps.

lThe host operating software has functional modules such as human-computer interaction, user management, parameter input, report generation and output/printing, data maintenance and backup, operation log, online help, etc.

Comparison with ordinary endoscope

The existing gun barrel borescope on the market, mostly using the traditional endoscope or simple tooling modification of the endoscope, single function, blurred image / low pixel, can not be centered and feeding difficulties, easy to miss inspection, complex assembly and operation, inconvenient to carry and transport, low efficiency and other problems.a82744dba8c13f051779fe73845c5d7.jpg


Main interface and effects



Technical parameters


CPU ≥ i5/4GHz quad-core, high-end industrial flat panel machine, high brightness HD display 10 inch (can be customized), standard 240G high-speed hard disk (expandable), IPX3 protection.

Integrated probe mechanism

Quickly removable and replaceable, aluminum alloy corrosion resistant process, IP65 protection, with electric crawling mechanism, size and weight varies with model.

Inspection length/cable holder (m)

15m and can be customized, size and weight varies with model.

Inspection of internal diameter (mm)

(Option small size can be manually fed only) 55~76, (electric crawl) 76~200mm one or more combinations (about 10% overlap between each).

Video image

Lighting source

High brightness LED, stepless continuous adjustment

Image sensor

Color CMOS

Imaging angle

185° wide angle + 360° circumference

Camera pixels / imaging resolution

Dynamic and static pixels are (detection of 55 ~ 76mm inside diameter) 5 million / 2592 × 1944, (detection of 76 ~ 200mm inside diameter) 12 million / 4000 × 3000

Size measurement

Circumferential tilt accuracy

±1° (within the range of 0~360° in circumferential direction when placed roughly horizontally)

Distance counting resolution


Distance measurement accuracy


Length / width / area / (B type only) height and depth Measuring accuracy

A type ±5%, B type ±0.1mm

Working Environment





Power supply

Single-phase AC100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz;  optional mobile power, battery work 4 ~ 6h, charging time 8 ~ 10h

Power consumption










Product Model


Host computer/upper computer (with mouse control handle)

1 unit

Screen:10 inch (can be customized)

Standard A type


Cable unit(Portable bobbins/cable racks, flexible cables, power supplies and adapter boxes)

1 set

Detection length:15m

Standard A type


Integrated probe mechanism (Crab type centralizer, camera, lighting, control board, etc.)

1 set

(Suitable for straight pipe, detecting inner diameter(mm): 76~200, various specifications are available)

Standard A type


3D stereo measurement unit

1 Group

Precise 3D dimensional measurement of copper scratch marks and bumpy defects

High-end B type
(add side view rotating binocular camera)

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