DEMA70C Magnetic Crawler EMAT Thickness Measurement System

Product Features:

2-wheel freestyle motion, reliable attachment. Capable of climbing up to 50 meters from grand level.

Install electromagnetic ultrasonic thickness probe for rapid screening and positioning against wall erosion.

Accurate Scanning the area to test the thickness corrosion. 

Matching A scan and B scan display.

Equipped with video camera, the video situation of the inspected surface can be observed in real time.

The remote control system controls the scanning direction and can preset the scanning direction.

High temperature function (optional): over-temperature warning and protection functions. It can take thickness readings on high temperature surface up to 150℃/302F thanks to EMAT sensor and high-temp magnet.


No need scaffolding, no need remove scale, rust or paint. No need couplant. It can realize rapid detection of high altitude wall thickness corrosion through remote control system.

Magnetic Crawler and Host

lHigh temperature function (optional):  Over-temperature alarm and protection function (when the temperature exceeds the standard, The user will be reminded to drive the crawler to the normal temperature zone. After crawler cools down the user will be reminded that the crawler can be operated at high temperature and continues inspection operation). Can directly detect high-temperature workpieces of 50~+150℃.

lIntegrated front-view and rear-view dual cameras : Check the location and inspection path of the object being measured, and perform real-time on-site monitoring and adjustment to ensure inspection according to the set path.

lStrong magnetic suction, heavy load, and high safety: using high-strength permanent magnet wheels, it can be firmly stick on the surface of ferromagnetic materials (it is difficult for the human body's gravity to pull the device off after the device is fixed and stationary), that is to say, It will not fall even if the power is unexpectedly cut off. It is also equipped with an anti-fall device to prevent accidental falls.

l2-wheel freestyle motion, reliable attachment. Capable of climbing up to 50 meters from grand level.

lHigh motion precision: driven by high-power dual motors mode, can accurately move forward, backward, and turn; equipped with the high-precision encoder can realize program-controlled step detection accurate to millimeter level, and can accurately set the distance of forward and backward movement.

lFlexible and exquisite body design: compact size, small turning radius; equipped with a handle for easy movement and handling.

lMotion guidance function: It has macro video monitoring function and can observe the video situation of the inspected surface in real time.

lDefect mark positioning (optional): The positioning error is ≤30mm. After the defect is found, the defect mark can be positioned in time to facilitate repeated observation of the defect area.

lElectric probe lifting mechanism: The probe can be raised across obstacles such as welds and bumps during operation to avoid being blocked.

lProfessionally designed scanning clamping mechanism: ensures coupling stability during probe operation.

lEquipped with special cables, explosion-proof plugs, and leakage protection devices to improve electrical safety during use of the equipment.

lThe EAMT and related circuit modules on the crawler are sealed in a box to prevent water, dust and sparks.

lIn order to facilitate on-site operation, the system uses a detachable high-brightness high-definition control panel visible in the sun.

lFully programmed motion control and parallel synchronization processing: ultrasonic data, image data and travel distance data can be acquired at the same time, ensuring the accuracy of synchronized data and recording, greatly improving on-site work efficiency.

lHMI has the following functions: user management, parameter input, report generation and output/printing, data maintenance and backup, operation logs, online help, etc.

EAMT thickness measurement unit

lNo need scaffolding, no need remove scale, rust or paint. No need couplant.

lThickness measurement can penetrate surface corrosion, paint, corrosion protection and other coatings up to 4mm thick. The thickness value of metal objects displayed by the instrument does not need to consider the calculation of coating thickness.

lMeasurement non-perpendicularity (transducer/probe to the normal line of the object to be tested) is up to ±25°, which requires less perpendicularity after the probe is placed.

lThickness measurement results can be displayed in digital value form: A-scan form, time-based B-scan image form and distance (encoder)-based B-scan image form.

lUsing expert intelligent algorithm, there are three thickness measurement modes: automatic mode, single gate manual mode (single peak method), double gate manual mode (peak to peak method).It greatly reduces the influence of human factors and simplifies the operation steps.

lBuilt-in basic material S-wave velocity database and can be customized S-wave velocity value.

Measurement Analysis Software



Technical parameters


CPU≥ i5/4GHz quad-core, high-end industrial flat panel, high brightness HD display 10.6 inch (can be customized), standard 240G high-speed hard disk (expandable), IPX3 protection.

Control cable

30m (the length can be customized ≤50m).

Mobile features

Three-speed operation: (low speed 20 mm/s, medium speed 50 mm/s, high speed 100 mm/s), can quickly travel to the detected position or return to the ground; the obstacle surmounting ability of the convex ladder is ≤4mm.

Minimum workpiece surface
curvature radius R

The outer longitudinal axial radius of the pipe is ≥85mm, the outer circumferential radius of the pipe is ≥110mm; the inner longitudinal axis radius of the pipe is ≥250mm, the inner circumferential radius of the pipe is ≥850mm; the outer sphere radius is ≥150mm, and the inner radius of the sphere is ≥850mm.

Crawler body

L395×W150×H145mm, weighing about 7.5kg.


L220×W145×H60mm,3.5-inch 640×480 pixel touch display, weight about  0.4kg.

Video surveillance

Lighting source

High brightness LED lighting source, 5 levels adjustment.

Front camera

Color CMOS, dynamic and static pixels 2 million/1920×1080, maximum imaging viewing angle 90°, 10x optical zoom, combined rotating platform: rotate up and down 180°, rotate left and right 60°.

Rear-view camera

Color CMOS, dynamic and static pixels 3 million /2304×1296, Imaging viewing angle 90°.

Power supply

Single-phase AC100~240V, 50/60Hz, power consumption ≤200VA.


-10℃~+50℃, Humidity ≤85%R.H.

High temperature workpiece
inspection function (Optional)

-10~+50℃: continuous operation, no special cooling required; 50~150℃: horizontal prone position (the most severe baking condition), each working time ≤1h, cooling interval ≥1h; Vertical, horizontal hanging, tilting, inversion, the working time in various postures ≤2h each time, and the cooling interval ≥1.5h.

EAMT thickness measurement unit

Thickness Measurement

Accuracy 0.04mm, Range 2~120 mm (Steel).

Work clearance/lift-off


Measurable non-verticality range


Sound speed range

1000~9999 m/s, Adjustment increment 1 m/s.

Gate function

Automatic gate, manual single gate, manual double gate.

Electromagnetic ultrasound probe

Weak or less permanent magnets, magnetic attraction force ≤15N, cylindrical shape Φ30×height 44mm, weight ≤80g.

Working temperature











Test hostPC and software

1 Set



MTC70 two-wheel magnetic crawler (Video and Thickness measurement module included)

1 Set



Power supply and control box

1 Piece




1 Piece



Defect marking mechanism

1 Piece



Test control cable


The length can be customized≤50m


Safety rope drop preventer



Other accessories (magnetic dismantling pads, etc.)

1 Set



Standard test block (carbon steel circular Φ20 × thickness 10mm)

1 Piece


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