Aerospace specific SV pro 3D Measurement Videoscope

        The Dellon SV Pro 3D measurement videoscope can penetrate into the interior of the engine cavity and visually observe the surface damage of each stage of the blade. And it can be detected from multiple perspectives to accurately measure the structure and performance of turbine blades.

        The powerful 3D measurement function can display the object distance and measurement size in real-time, making it more intuitive and accurate to complete the detection, so that the detection personnel can judge the severity of safety hazards. In addition, the rich 3D depth cloud map provides reliable guarantee for accurate measurement, and cracks as fine as silk threads can be accurately displayed and measured. It can rotate and zoom in real-time in all directions in 3D to select measurement points more accurately and perform real-time verification. It can even directly input the point cloud data measured by 3D phase scanning into a 3D printer to restore the physical model of defects for further analysis and judgment.


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