Good news | Warm congratulations to Dellon Technology for winning the intellectual property management system certification

      Recently, Dellon Technology has obtained the National Intellectual Property Management System Certification, which is a milestone achievement in technological innovation, technology application transformation, and standardized management of intellectual property rights. It marks a new stage in the company's intellectual property management work.

Implementing the certification of intellectual property management system helps to enhance the awareness of intellectual property rights among all employees, mobilize employees' enthusiasm for invention and creation, promote the production of new products and technologies with high added value of independent intellectual property rights, enhance the value of intangible assets of enterprises, and significantly enhance the market position of enterprises with independent intellectual property products.

In the future, Dellon Technology will continue to focus on technological innovation as the core driving force, actively implement and improve the intellectual property management system and other modern management systems, continuously learn and introduce scientific concepts and standardized management, refine each system and process from a systematic, scientific, and efficient perspective, and further improve the overall level and core competitiveness of enterprise intellectual property management.

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