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Dellon pulse eddy current detector product delivery training:

For a company, delivery capability is not only a testimony of brand strength, but also an important manifestation of excellent products and services. The core of the product is to meet the diverse needs of users, while product delivery training is dedicated to helping users better use the product to maximize value.


Recently, Dellon Technology technical personnel went to the National Pipeline Network Western Pipeline Company to deliver DPEC-17 pulse eddy current detector products and conduct product delivery and application training exchange meetings. The purpose of this delivery training is to enable customers to better familiarize themselves with the correct operating steps of the product, so as to facilitate subsequent actual testing and use.


At the delivery training site, technical staff will enable users to continuously deepen their understanding and mastery of the instrument's operating functions through theoretical knowledge, technical principles, test point selection basis, case analysis, simulation exercises, etc. Subsequently, under the guidance of technical personnel, the user conducted on-site test operations. Some questions that arose during the operation were answered in detail by technicians one by one until the user was fully familiar with the operating steps and processes and could use the instrument independently and correctly to perform various tests.


Pulse eddy current detector technical training

Through this product delivery and application training, it not only brought good after-sales service experience to customers, but also affirmed Dellon's high-quality and high-standard services, further enhancing the brand image. We will continue to adhere to the service tenet of "developing with service and surviving with quality", further improve product quality and service quality, and provide every customer with professional, standardized and systematic technology and product services.

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