Exhibition Review | Keep going and keep moving forward! The 27th China International Quality Control and Testing Industrial Equipment Exhibition concl

From October 25th to 27th, 2023, the three-day 27th China International Quality Control and Testing Industrial Equipment Exhibition (Q.C.CHINA for short) came to an end on the first floor of Shanghai World Trade Mall. As one of the largest, long-standing and wide-ranging brand exhibitions in the field of industrial testing in China. This exhibition has set a new record for previous exhibitions in terms of statistical data and display effects in terms of exhibition scale, exhibitors, exhibit categories, and the number/quality of visitors.


The exhibition brings together high-end technologies and advanced equipment brought by testing equipment manufacturers and agents from all over the world. It is an authoritative technology and product release platform in the industry and an important link for global peers to meet and communicate. As a leader in the field of non-destructive testing, Dellon Technology has been committed to providing high-quality, high-performance non-destructive testing products, as well as professional and comprehensive services to global users.


At this exhibition, we received dozens of users covering special inspection/petroleum/military industry/aerospace and other fields, comprehensively demonstrating the company's scientific research and innovation achievements and technological heritage. Dellon Technology carries DPEC-17 pulsed eddy current detector, DEU300 electromagnetic ultrasonic thickness gauge, SOCAM2000 video acoustic imager, DLU22A low-frequency ultrasonic detector, SV Pro 3D scanning measurement videoscope and other products, as well as a variety of products solutions provided to users, have won the attention and recognition of many users. Dellon's technical staff gave users product demonstrations and product function explanations on site. People were raving about it and stopped by the booth to experience it.


During the meeting, Vice President Shen, the honorary chairman of China Special Inspection Institute/International Acoustic Emission Society, came to the Dellon Technology booth to guide the work and learned in detail about the company's participation in the exhibition. Mr. Sun of Dellon Technology and Vice President Shen had a comprehensive and in-depth discussion on the cutting-edge technology of non-destructive testing. They jointly discussed the development trends, market opportunities and challenges of non-destructive testing technology. Vice President Shen fully affirmed and praised the achievements made by Dellon Technology in the field of non-destructive testing relying on independent technology. Through this exchange and cooperation, Dellon company not only improved its technical level and comprehensive strength, but also made a positive contribution to the development and progress of non-destructive testing technology in our country.


At the same time, at the Ultrasonic Professional Forum held at the same time, Manager Xia from the Sales Department of Dellon Technology gave a special speech on "Corrosion and Leakage Monitoring Application Technology". While bringing exciting technology exploration and industry application case sharing to participants, it also strengthened exchanges and cooperation among peers. We provides non-destructive testing personnel with more new technologies and new application solutions. Manager Xia of Dellon Technology’s explanation in simple terms, professional knowledge and rich technical experience attracted many audiences and received thunderous applause.


Science and technology is the primary productive force, and innovation is the primary driving force. Whoever masters advanced technology will gain advantages and initiative in competition and development. Dellon Technology has been deeply involved in the field of non-destructive testing for many years, and has always operated in strict accordance with various quality management systems. It develops products and expands the market with the quality policy of "advanced technology, stable quality, genuine products at reasonable prices, and user satisfaction". Dellon company always adheres to independent innovation and maintains continuous investment in research and development of new products every year. With its excellent quality and service, high-performance quality, advanced scientific research technology and open global market layout, Dellon Technology continues to show the world the "China Intelligent Manufacturing Business Card"!


As a professional comprehensive service provider in the fields of industrial non-destructive testing new technologies and visual inspection technologies. After that, Dellon Technology will not forget its original intention, insist on innovation, continue to deepen technical research, develop non-destructive testing products with independent core technologies, provide customers with more and more professional solutions, and make greater contributions to promoting the high-quality development of non-destructive testing in our country. 

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