Dellon Technology invites you to the 27th China International Quality Control and Testing Industrial Equipment Exhibition

October has arrived, and autumn is busy. After two years of absence, the "27th China International Quality Control and Testing Industrial Equipment Exhibition" (2023 Shanghai QC Exhibition) will reunite with you in Shanghai in the golden autumn of October.

This 2023 Shanghai QC Exhibition will continue to take "innovation, progress, and harmonious development" as its unchanging concept, integrating elements such as "industry, enterprise, industry, academia, research, service, and media" to create a closed loop of sinking services to help entities growing up. This is the industry's authoritative technology and product release platform and an important link for global peers to meet and communicate.

Dellon Technology Exhibition Information:

Exhibition time: October 25-27, 2023

Exhibition address: Shanghai World Trade Mall

Dellon Technology Booth No.: 1153


Exhibition Schematic

With the steady growth of China's economic strength, the demand for industrial testing continues to expand and deepen, and various industries have increasingly higher requirements for product quality inspection equipment and technology. How to improve testing methods and improve testing equipment is a concern of testing practitioners focus.

Dellon Technology has been deeply involved in the field of non-destructive testing for many years. It has always been technology-led, with independent research and development of products as the core, constantly innovating products and services, and giving full play to its talent advantages. As a professional comprehensive service provider in the field of new industrial non-destructive testing and visual inspection technology, at this Shanghai QC Exhibition, Dellon Technology will bring advanced technology and its DPEC-17 pulsed eddy current detector, DEU300 electromagnetic ultrasonic thickness gauge, SOCAM2000 video acoustic imager, DLU22A low-frequency ultrasonic detector, and SV Pro 3D scanning measurement videoscope. Diversified product types can meet your various needs and provide you with comprehensive solutions for various industrial non-destructive testing and visual inspection.

This exhibition is not only an important stage for Dellon Technology to display its technical strength, product innovation capabilities and application capabilities, but also a necessary strategy for Dellon Technology to further consolidate its leading position in the field of non-destructive testing. At the meeting, we will share all-round cutting-edge technology and market information with experts, scholars and peers, deepen exchanges and cooperation, and help my country move from a major non-destructive testing country to a powerful non-destructive testing country. We welcome and look forward to your visit to Dellon booth (1153) and your valuable comments and suggestions on our products and services.

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